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Unifly is a software company that creates aviation-related
solutions for drones and manned aviation.

To deal with the increasing amount of drones, a new Traffic Management is needed to deal with the complexity and uniqueness of drone traffic.

Unifly has developed an award-winning cloud-based management platform that enables the safe integration of drones into the aviation system, called Unifly Unmanned Traffic Management System, known as UniflyUTMS.


Where can you meet us ?

  • RPAS & Civ Ops Forum

    / 6th - 7th of December 2016 /

    Belgium, Brussels

    Royal Military Academy - Hobbemastraat 8 - 1000 Brussel

  • The Commercial UAV Show London

    / 19th - 20th of October 2016 /

    United Kingdom, London

    ExCel - Royal Victoria Dock - Western Gateway - London E16 1XL

  • Interaerial Solutions

    / 11th - 13th of October 2016 /

    Germany, Hamburg

    Hamburg Messe - Central Entrance Messeplatz – 20357 Hamburg


Numerous Private Drone Users are buying drones for leisure and entertainment. Most of these typical Private Drone Users are not aware of the complex Aviation Regulations and Airspace Structure. Without this knowledge, there is a high probability that some of these users will end up flying their drone in places where it should not, thus representing a threat to aviation.


For these Private Drone Users, Unifly has developed two applications:

UniflyLaunchpad UniflyMap UniflyPro

Using an intuitive, interactive 3D map, Professional Drone Pilots can plan their flights ahead of time and validate if the entire flight path can be flown legally, without infringing temporarily restricted airspace and without conflicting with other airspace users. If a conflict arises, the system will generate the necessary paperwork to ask for permission from the relevant authorities to carry out the flight. Planned flight are shown as reserved airspace on the interactive map. Unifly also offers Professional Drone Users with pilot and drone management functionalities as well as flight logging features.
UniflyLaunchpad UniflyMap UniflyPro

Unifly is the solution for Drone manufacturers. These manufacturers can connect their drone management and flight planning application to UniflyUTMS through a well-documented API and SDK.

This connection enables Drones to receive flight validation information, dynamic geofencing information, receive flight patch information and are able to send in-flight location for real-time flight tracking and flight playback with a minimum latency delay.

System integrators can use UniflyUTMS as the underlying management layer to provide flight planning, flight tracking, drone – and user management functionalities, etc.


With UniflyUTM, ANSPs & airports have a 4D view on where low-level drone activity will take place, where they are occurring, and where drones have been flown.
When pilots use the system, the ANSPs & Airport have time slot management capabilities and know where the intended fight will occur, and where drones are flying so that they can separate manned and unmanned traffic from each other.
When drones are equipped with technology to provide location data, Unifly can visualize the flight path in real-time and can serve as a means to replay and analyze historic flight paths.
The system also has the capability to instruct drone operators in a region to land their aircraft when the need arises.

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Aviation Authorities use the Unifly UTMS system to simplify administrative processes: registration of pilots and drones, definition of ( temporary ) no-drone zones, approval of flight requests etc.

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