Get to know us.


Meet the team behind Unifly and discover our history.

Who we are

Unifly is a technology company with a platform for the safe integration of drones into the airspace. We are an award-winning spin-off company of VITO (Flemish institute for technological research) specialized in aviation software development.

We want to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation.

What we do

Our main mission is to develop software applications that facilitate drone traffic in the very-low-altitude airspace. The focus is always on safety for all stakeholders involved.

Our innovative tools inform drone operators where it is safe and legal to fly their drone and enable authorities and other aviation stakeholders to track the drone traffic and manage their airspace.

The people behind Unifly

Unifly as a company was founded in 2015 by aerospace experts.

Way before then, in 2012, a team of airspace controllers, pilots and engineers shared a vision. They were confronted by the growing number of drones in the airspace and the lack of tools to manage or even visualize them. You can see the drone, but where’s the  operator? How do you connect to them?

Enter the Unifly team! We are a motivated and fun-loving bunch with a background in air traffic control, aviation and software engineering.


Advisory Board

Board Members

Safety is paramount.

Unifly's goal is to safely integrate drones into the general airspace so they become part of our everyday lives. This is the reason we built a platform for the management of unmanned traffic.

The drone industry has a potential market value of 130 billion dollars. Drones have the potential to transform our daily lives but, there is a very important catch. Safety is of paramount importance and it is the most urgent challenge. National aviation authorities as well as the private sector are facing this question: how can you ensure a secure supervision of both recreational and commercial drone operations?

Unifly uses three steps to take the necessary actions.
We inform the users about the rules and situations. The rules are often complex and there are many variables to take into account, we show these to the public in a userfriendly way.

We offer validation for a given flight and location. The system parses the underlying rules and real-time information to give the operator a clear answer.

Finally, we notify the official entities about the flights and allow them to take action if required.

Innovation is key.

Today we have an amazing opportunity to shape the airspace of tomorrow. We believe that collaboration and openness are vital. This is why Unifly partners with many different research groups and companies, both in Belgium and abroad, in Europe as well as worldwide.

A fragmented landscape like Europe has many different regulatory bodies, rules and regulations.
Unifly offers an open platform to align everyone’s interests and to ensure an air-traffic management system for drones to increase visibility and prevent collisions.

Unifly supports SWIM standards. This is the standard protocol in aviation. We use it to communicate with operators and drones. We use real-time messaging, we incorporate reliable data from worldwide sources for global data coverage. This includes weather information, NOTAMs, obstacles, no-fly zones, to make sure we can provide reliable and trustworthy data for your location. The Unifly platform combines all these data to validate and manage the flights in real-time.

Our investors

For its further growth, Unifly has conducted a Series A round, which was successfully completed at the end of 2016. Terra Drone, a major Japanese drone operator and system integrator, has signed on for a total of 5 million euro together with the original investors, Qbic and PMV. This financing is bringing the total external funding of Unifly to 6.3 million euro. Being the single largest investment in a UTM software company in Europe, it illustrates the trust of the investors in the technology and the team of Unifly.