Unifly delivers a traffic management system for drones to ensure safety for all airspace users.

International reports show that drones will create a multi-billion dollar market with new jobs and opportunities for innovative companies. The number of drones in the air is expected to increase exponentially over the coming years. Left unchecked, these drones present a serious threat to manned aviation.

Founded by air traffic controllers and pilots, Unifly has developed an award-winning UTM software platform that addresses the needs of all stakeholders in the drone industry.Unifly’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform connects authorities with operators to integrate drones into the airspace safely and securely.

The Unifly UTM platform translates complex aviation data into a format that non-aviators can understand and use. It enables authorities to enforce local regulations and to streamline the flight approvals process. Airspace managers can visualize and approve drone flights and configure no-fly zones in real-time.

 Unifly is heavily involved in five European research projects that have been set up to define the U-space concepts. In these projects, Unifly partners with major organizations.

Unifly is the leading provider of software technology for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

Drones are set to revolutionize our industries. A traffic management system for drones will be required to enable the drone industry to reach its full potential, while ensuring safety for all airspace users.

This is what Unifly delivers.