Help us build the future of the drone industry

Are you looking to launch your career or to soar to new heights? Do innovation, technology and aerospace make you tick? Then Unifly is the perfect place for you.

What's it like working at Unifly?

Ground-breaking industry

Innovation is the backbone of the company. Drones offer a new and exciting field of expertise, a brand new industry geared towards the future.

Just culture

“Just” is a term from the aviation industry. If something goes wrong, we examine what happened. The goal is never to blame the individual, but to figure out together where the system failed. We continue to learn and implement these new findings.

One team

Everyone at Unifly is aware of everything that is happening in the company. We are a closely-knit team in which everyone contributes to the success of Unifly. This means that we’re not looking for superstars who want to fly high… all alone.

Work/life balance

We believe in flexibility. The hardest workers are not necessarily those who spend most time in the office. Work at Unifly is very varied. Every day is different, and possibilities are endless… and always exciting!

Autonomy and collaboration

We work together towards one goal. Everyone in Unifly has a lot of responsibility and directly sees their impact on the company vision. We are one team in which everyone is actively involved in the majority of the processes.

Life at Unifly