Airports & Critical infrastructure

Airports & Critical infrastructure

Combine monitoring and drone detection (C-UAS) capabilities to detect, identify, and differentiate drone traffic in your area.

Key benefits

Safeguard your airspace and infrastructure

The integration with UTM means unauthorized drones can be identified and dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our UTM system’s range of capabilities allows supervisors to mitigate risks before they become a problem. The positions of both drones and operators are available for law enforcement via a user-friendly interface. Unifly's BLIP tracks the drones in real-time.

Avoid expensive shutdowns

With an efficient approval process at their disposal and a clear view who is flying when, where, and why, airports and other critical infrastructure can efficiently manage drone traffic in their airspace without the worry of being forced to shut down their operations. This way, you can ensure your operations can safely continue at all times.

Manage drone traffic in your airspace

Drone operations can be carried out safely as traffic is visualized, and the platform facilitates communication with drone pilots. This means you maintain control of your airspace as you can track and intervene as necessary.