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ATCA Annual Industry Award nomination for SAFIR

Dec 7, 2020 Corporate

Unifly is proud to announce that SAFIR has been nominated for the prestigious "ATCA Annual Industry Award" by ATCA.

The goal of ATCA's awards program is to give special recognition to those persons and/or organisations engaged in the development, operation, or maintenance of the worldwide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement.

SAFIR contributed to the EU legislation process in regard to drones and to the implementation of interoperable, harmonised and standardised drone services in Europe.

They demonstrated a variety of U-space services with a large number of drones. While three U-space service providers (USSP) managed the airspace.

Join us on Tuesday 8/12 at 21:30 pm (CET) and find out who gets to bring home the award! Click here to register and follow the livestream.

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