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The MEDRONA project is a research project focused on the transportation of medical goods by drone between hospitals and laboratories/pharmacies. The project was selected for funding by the Belgian government, in line with the government's Smart Mobility Belgium (SMB) initiative.

The aim of MEDRONA is to demonstrate a system that is able to transport medical parcels (e.g. human tissue, blood & urine samples and pharmacy preparations) in a reliable, ecological and efficient way.

The project is designed to structurally expand today’s modal mix, taking traffic away from congested roads and using the underutilized capacity in the Very Low Level (VLL) airspace (between ground-level and 150 meters high). Five companies have joined forces in this project: skeyes, SABCA, Unifly, NSX and Helicus. Each company will focus on a specific part of the overall solution.

For more information, read the press release from skeyes here.