The application of drones in certain industries (can) have an important impact on the environment. The development of cargo drones for example, as a substitute for regular transport, could constitute a healthier way of transportation for our environment. Read everything about environment related drone developments on this page.

Apr 13, 2018

Aquatic drone swarms for military and research purposes

Aquabotix, an underwater robotics company operating in Australia and the U.S., recently released a hybrid between a ‘micro unmanned surface vehicle’ (USV) and an ‘unmanned underwater vehicle’ (UUV) or simply put; an underwater drone, like the MantaDroid we’ve seen earlier. The vehicles operate in swarm and they’re called SwarmDivers™. They are able to function simultaneously as a single coordinated entity, they can be controlled by a single operator and they can perform (vertical) dives to collect valuable data and intelligence.

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Feb 20, 2018

Helicopter crash possibly caused by drone

The DJI Phantom

Image source: DJI

On February 14, a helicopter crashed on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina in the US. Reportedly, the crash was caused by a drone that was flying nearby.

The crash is currently being investigated, and the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed on Thursday that the helicopter crash landed around 2pm after striking a tree. No further information was available, according to the FAA, as the investigation is still ongoing.

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Feb 20, 2018

Drones for cargo transportation: the future?

Several drone companies have been looking into the development of drones for cargo transportation.

Sichuan Tengden Technology, a Bejing based Chinese startup company, has revealed their ongoing development of a cargo drone capable of autonomously carrying 20 tons of cargo. It would then become the world’s biggest commercial unmanned aerial vehicle. The high-tech enterprise was set up by Chinese aviation experts and an investment company owned by the Chinese state.

According to Sichuan Tengden Technology, the drone will feature eight engines, a wingspan of 41 meters and a flight capability of up to 7500 kilometers. The drone could be used for other operations as well, such as the monitoring of forests, disaster scenes and rescue operations.

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