The rapidly expanding drone industry provides a difficult challenge for authorities. It is important that there is a legal framework in place, in line with this evolution. But the true challenge finds itself in providing a legal framework which supports and encourages a healthy growth of the industry, instead of one that might limit its potential. All incidents, reports and content related to the legal aspect of the drone industry can be found here.

May 23, 2018

Implementing the new European drone legislation: what will change?

Unmanned aircraft –drones- is a fast-developing sector of aviation, with great potential for producing new jobs and growth. The term ‘unmanned aircraft’ includes very large aircraft similar in size and complexity to manned aircraft, but also very small consumer electronics aircraft.

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Mar 15, 2018

Unmanned and manned aviation

Why are pilots worried about drones?

Pilots and Air Traffic Control operators are unable to establish visual contact with drones in the air. This poses great safety risks, as drones that come into contact with an airplane engine could cause serious problems.

Bird strikes are not uncommon relatively speaking, and passenger aircraft can fly with a single engine. But there are concerns however, that a metallic object containing lithium batteries could cause failure that cannot be contained, with debris impacting on the air frame.

Not to mention the danger of a drone crashing through a cockpit window. So an increasing amount of drone traffic means an increasing potential risk of lethal accidents if they cannot be seen and are not regulated in a safe and efficient manner.

Drones are hard to spot in the air

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Mar 12, 2018

Woman shocked by intrusive drone hovering in front of her bedroom window

Marita Maass, a woman from Upper Hutt, New Zealand discovered an unpleasant surprise when she was relaxing in her bedroom. She mistakenly took the sound of a hovering drone for the sound of water pipes, so she thought nothing of it initially. After a while, she couldn’t help but take a look as the sound would not let up.

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