skeyes-screenshot In the most far-reaching implementation yet, Belgian Air Navigation Service Provider skeyes and the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) selected Unifly to develop digital platforms for the registration of drones and users, real-time dynamic low-level airspace management, flight planning, flight approval and dynamic flight monitoring and collision alerting.

A first application is a website showing a dynamic airspace map. (No)-drone zones are updated in real-time, based on NOTAMs or on input by (local) authorities in the Map Manager module.

A second user oriented app is a mobile “Powered by Unifly” rebranded app. Drone users can use the mobile app to validate potential flights. Professional users can use the app to plan flights, request (and receive) flight approval when necessary, notify ATC of the start and end of the flight, log flights and be informed about other traffic in the vicinity.

The app includes a digital logbook registering important flight details such as take-off and landing time, location and the drone used. Professional drone operators can use the app to manage drones, pilots and flights and can request clearances and possible exemptions from the Directorate-General Aviation of the Federal Public Service – Mobility.

The app also provides the aeronautical information needed to plan flights and it includes flight monitoring services. Professional pilots can use the app for operations management, including automated flight requests. The system integrates the full workflow to optimise the flight approval process at skeyes.



skeyes is an autonomous public company with the mission to guarantee the safety of air navigation in the airspace for which Belgium is responsible.

Its zone of activities extends from ground level to flight level 245 (8,000 metres) above Belgium and from flight levels 145/165 to 245 for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The EUROCONTROL centre in Maastricht is responsible for the area above 8,000 metres, and it jointly manages the air traffic of the upper airspace of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the western part of Germany.